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We need to talk about ANGER!

The truth is, anger is an emotion that all of us experience and, personally, I don’t think it does children any good to pretend anger doesn’t exist, or to only show well-behaved children in books. Children will feel anger whether we want them to or not. By only showing well-behaved, good-tempered children in books, all…

The power of words –1: Why are all bears boys?

Have you ever noticed that almost all the bears in books are boys?! As are most of the animals, monsters, aliens, and other non-human creatures. And don’t even get me started (again) on how many picture books have a male protagonist! The English language is inherently sexist. It works on the assumption that males are…

How my children make me more creative

I created my first picture book, Lilly Mae on a car journey with my oldest daughter, who was about two or three at the time. She was bored and getting fidgety so I thought up this funny little character, Lilly Mae, whose mood swings changed the weather down on Earth. Last night, Lilly Mae came…

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